About Findoo

Behind the Scenes - the Philosophy of Findoo

The idea of "finding all stylish products in one place" has inspired us to create a platform that brings all the local shops together. With our team's experience and expertise in Asian markets, we have decided to bring the online shopping experience to a new, more customer friendly level.

Findr.asia is a new online center of fashion, beauty and accessories. Here you can find the right product with the best price all together in one place. It is your search engine that can bring you all the best offers available out there. With our powerful filters and options to search by color, by brand or by product type, it has never been easier to get the right results you are looking for in less than a few clicks. Enjoy shopping with Findr like we already do!

Going onwards

Findr was founded in 2014 by Lars Schulze, Michael Neubert and Sven Barkmann. We are based in Chiang Mai which is known as the creative city and "the Rose of the North" of Thailand.

After publishing the platform in Thailand, we went straight onwards to bring this new shopping experience to other countries. Today Findr is also available in Australia and Singapore but we are not stopping there, many new markets are already on our list.

We regularly seek feedback from our customers to continuously make Findr the best place to shop online. Our mission is clear: To help you find products and styles the easiest and quickest way possible. Happy shopping with Findr!